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Our services are backed by the knowledge, expertise and experience of some of the UK’s most highly qualified independent financial advisers and supported by tax consultants.

Are you concerned about poor returns on your investments? Worried about whether you will have enough for your retirement? Or do you simply feel you are paying too much tax? We can help you find ways of making the most of your money for both the present and the future.

Let us show you how, by making small changes to the way you manage your money, you can save thousands of pounds.

Contact us and you could soon be on your way to making your financial dreams a reality.


Providing for your own future is now more important than ever. However, funding, managing and growing your pension portfolio is a fine balancing act and needs a steady hand. Let us show you how to make the most of your pension.

Savings & Investments

As an investor, you can depend on Blackstone Moregate to give you well-informed advice that suits your objectives. We believe that a thorough understanding of your attitude to risk, your investment views and your experience are vital to building or growing your wealth.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Are you planning to leave assets to your children or other beneficiaries after you are gone? You will need to consider a number of factors, such as taxation, financial security and your family needs.


Security is an essential part of any holistic financial plan. Naturally, you want to protect your family’s lifestyle in case you are unable to provide for them or yourself in the event of an accident, sickness, disability or even death.

Pensions and Divorce

It is a little known fact that pensions can be under valued by as much as 30% in divorce proceedings. Traditionally pensions are dealt with as a side issue and not enough emphasis is placed on what can often be one of the most valuable assets to the marriage.


An annuity allows you to exchange capital for a secured regular income. Annuities are complex and not understanding all your options could result in many years of missed income.


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Apart from the courtesy and warm greeting I experience each time I speak or meet you or any of your team, I am always impressed by the level of knowledge...

Christian Stanley

I have been a client of Vijay Thakkar and Blackstone Moregate for over twenty years. Throughout this time they have carefully and sympathetically managed my small...

John Branscombe

We had a complex SIPP requirement involving multiple pension schemes and a joint property purchase. Our previous advisor had informed us that the chances...

Adrian Cowley

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