It is important to discuss financial matters and review all your financial affairs regularly – from pensions to investments, wills, lasting powers of attorney and life policies in trust – with someone you can trust and seek specialist advice where necessary.

Deciding on the right annuity, or no annuity

Annuities can be very complicated and it is important for you to understand all your choices in order to maximise your income, as once a decision is made it cannot normally be changed.

Many people don’t realise that you can take your pension away from the company that built it up and shop around for the best annuity. Just accepting the offer you receive from your pension provider can be an expensive mistake. With our help, you could receive a higher level of income.

There are four main things to consider regarding an annuity:

  • Your health
  • Obtaining the best rate
  • Inflation
  • Your funds after your death

Do you have any health or lifestyle factors which could enhance the annuity rate you receive. Do you want a higher income now, accepting the eroding effects of inflation? Or are you prepared to take a much lower income initially, which then increases each year to combat inflation? Perhaps you would like to have an income without purchasing an annuity, thereby preserving your funds for your beneficiaries. Or you may just want to access your tax-free cash.

If you have a pension fund of over £250,000, we recommend a meeting to make sure you receive the right advice.


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