Mitigating Security Risk at Blackstone Moregate

Cyber Risk is on the rise and criminals are specifically targeting money from vulnerable individuals and companies. Whilst we will never be able to eliminate risk or vulnerabilities completely, we believe we have taken appropriate steps to minimise risk.

At Blackstone Moregate all our staff are trained regularly on security best practices, compliance, and regulations. Within our IT infrastructure we have set up email Filtering, Endpoint Protection, Intrusion Detection Systems, Vulnerability scans, Web Application Firewall and Web content filtering to reduce the risk of Cyber crime.


We use secure hashing algorithms which allows our inhouse developer to build encrypt/decrypt data using a secret key. The data is passed through the encryption function so that only the person with the secret key will be able to decrypt it, which is resilient against brute force attacks.


Testing for risk

We use third party providers to conduct regular penetration testing to ensure our IT continues to be secure and audited third-party IT vendors to run and manage our IT infrastructure.


2-factor Authentication

Accessing your digital factfind or your valuation report always requires entering your verification code which you receive on your mobile. This enables us to confirm that it is really you who is logging in.


Some common sense

From Clear desk policies to Computer Protocols, we reduce the risk of your personal information falling into the wrong hands. Every employee must confirm that they have adopted all the security protocols set by the company and are responsible and aware of the detrimental impact that any breach of any security could have to you, us and their employment.


Strict Password requirements

We use a password management software to protect every access point while seamlessly connecting our employees to their work. Every employee must create long randomized passwords that protect against hacking thus protecting the company against unauthorized access.


At Blackstone Moregate the security of your financial and personal information is paramount


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