Vulnerable Clients


Many people have characteristics or circumstances which may impair their ability to engage with or benefit from financial advice. We take pride in having a considerate approach to advising vulnerable clients and providing additional care or assistance, where necessary. We help all clients no matter their circumstances create the time and space to take a holistic approach to their finances.

Harold’s Experience

Anyone may become vulnerable at different stages in life depending on their circumstances. This may be short lived, due to a change in circumstances like divorce or bereavement; or longer term / permanent, due to long standing physical or mental conditions. 

Harold, having recently become a widow wanted advice in relation to the impact of his wife passing away to his finances. We took care to fully understand Harold’s circumstances including any vulnerabilities which became apparent. Harold’s loss was still fresh and we wanted to support him to make the best decisions for his future. We therefore tailored our service to best fit Harold’s needs, which included having additional support present from his son, adapting how we worked and communicated and providing enough time and space for Harold to make any decisions.

Ruby’s Experience

Some disabilities are more easily identified, and we can quickly determine if the client requires additional support, for example those who are blind or deaf. In Ruby’s case communication was restricted due to her hearing impaired, we therefore adapted our methods of presentation and explanation to best suit Ruby’s needs, including having a sign language interpreter present at meetings. 

Where disabilities are not evident or visible, it can sometimes be more difficult to identify where the customer may need additional support – for example where a client has learning difficulties. We will use our judgement on a case-by-case basis to provide the additional support most suitable to the individuals’ needs.


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