Going through a divorce can be a stressful and life-changing transition. It can affect important parts of your life including your home, job and your family’s wellbeing. These aspects will often have financial implications from mortgages to savings and pensions arrangements. We work with you to ensure you get a fair settlement, enabling you to live the rest of your life with financial confidence. We help you create the time and space to take a holistic approach to your divorce by supporting you with the following:


We will get to know you and work with you through the divorce process, supporting you on your journey. There may be many financial implications in arriving at, and with the settlement. We will be there to explain your options, help you set priorities, and lead you through the hard choices ahead.

For many people, this will be their first experience of going to an independent financial planner and therefore we will ensure that the information provided in concise, in plain terms and affordable. We can also be with you as early in the divorce as you’d like, even before you meet with a lawyer.

Your savings and investments

It is common for one of you or your partner to have driven financial arrangements throughout your relationship. Similarly, one of you may have taken responsibility for balancing the household expenditure with income. As a result you might feel ill-equipped to deal with elements of the negotiations for a financial settlement. Financial investments can also be complex, especially pensions and their tax treatment is ever changing.

Professional Partners

We have experience of working with other professionals, providing advice to the Courts, Family Lawyers and their clients as to the best way of getting through the divorce in a fair, cost effective and straightforward manner.

Your future

The process of separation or divorce can often dominate your thinking and can feel a series of hurdles to overcome. We will work with you to overcome these hurdles and help you focus on rethinking your short, medium and longer terms goals to enable you have a clear plan. This includes assessing your current retirement provision to establish the impact of divorce and what actions are required to ensure you’re on track to achieving the lifestyle you aspire to live.

Richard Hopkins and Andrew Fishtal are members of Resolution, the society of family justice professionals.

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